This is an expert analysis of Yamie Chess® by 2-time United States chess champion and Women's Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade, who is pictured above with her friend and fellow child prodigy, the reigning undisputed World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. A chess genius and widely considered to be one of America's greatest women chess champions ever, 2-time USA chess champion WGM Jennifer Shahade collaborated with Yamie Chess Ltd's STEM advisory team, to develop the Yamie Chess® math learning aid product that has been endorsed by Harvard University, University of Chicago and Massachusetts Institute of Technology math Ph.D. experts.

The article below therefore serves as WGM Shahade's post-collaboration analysis: A fair, objective and credible recommendation of the Yamie Chess® K-8 math learning aid for elementary and middle school students, part of a series that Yamie Chess Ltd conducted with nationally-respected academics and top U.S. chess players for parents and educators across America.

This page includes copyrighted material by United States chess champion and Women's Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade and has been split into sections below for your ease of reference.

United States chess champion2-time United States chess champion and Women's Grandmaster, Jennifer Shahade
Named by The Smithsonian Institution as the strongest American-born woman chess player in the history of classical chess in the United States of America, 2-time USA chess champion Jennifer Shahade, who is an international chess icon, and who through her children's charity, 9 Queens, successfully inspires young girls across America to advance in STEM education, writes her post-collaborative analysis on the first Yamie Chess® math learning aid product for kids' STEM education, as Yamie Chess Ltd's principal educator and classic chess advisor.

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When you enable your child to explore the magical math world of Yamie Chess®, you endow their education and intellectual potential with the inspiring strength of a math learning aid that has been developed and nurtured by top U.S. tech professionals and math educators from America's finest universities together with a United States chess champion, whose shared goal and passion to see more children achieve good learning outcomes in mathematics, has willed Yamie Chess® to market.

An integral part of Yamie Chess®'s creation, with a major pre-publication role in its development, Women's Grandmaster Shahade is the founder of USA children's chess non-profit, 9 Queens and provides her objective views here on Yamie Chess® for anyone interested in advancing children's education.

Confirmed by The Smithsonian Institution, WGM Jennifer Shahade is the strongest American-born female chess player in the history of classic chess in the United States of America.

United States chess champion WGM Jennifer Shahade highly recommends Yamie Chess® on its educational merit; she intends to write further about the product as the editor of the United States Chess Federation, on her senior editorial blog at Chess Life Online, and will be hosting a historic children's chess simul, using Yamie Chess® sets, with the Boy and Girl Scouts of America at Gen Con, the largest annual gaming event in North America, in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

The Yamie Chess® Gen Con simul is a new U.S. world record: The first time a USA Women's chess champion has ever played a chess simul tournament against 50 children in Gen Con's proud forty-year history since its founding by the celebrated Dungeon & Dragons (D&D) creator, Gary Gygax.

WGM Jennifer Shahade's analysis of Yamie Chess®


Top-quoteUSA chess champion Jennifer Shahade's Review of Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore & the Mind Angels

By 2-time United States chess champion and 9 Queens Co-Founder Women's Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade

Date: November 30, 2013

Copyright © 2013 WGM Jennifer Shahade. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to reprint this educational article on Yamie Chess Ltd's website was directly obtained from United States chess champion and Women's Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade in writing.

Once the imagination is unfurled, the mind is capable of so much in the fields of math, chess and story-telling.

Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore & The Mind Angels, to launch at the Toy Fair in New York City in February 2014, brings this all together to inspire children and educators to explore the multidisciplinary possibilities of chess, already a fantastic learning tool.

united-states-chess-championYamie Chess, much like chess itself, stretches the mind in numerous ways.

First of all, it is a beautifully illustrated comic which entertains readers while teaching rules and strategy of chess. We are also introduced to important mathematical concepts and facts.

Finally, readers learn about the importance of focus, bravery and imagination toward achieving goals.

Yamie Chess literally draws readers into a whole new world, “Snowmelt”, which represents the mind planet and the parallel dimension of deep chess thought.

Our protagonist Kimi, a young prodigy and future chess Grandmaster is led to Snowmelt via an accident in Central Park.

He requires a simple operation, and undergoes anesthesia.

I love the positive message that adversity can lead to a beautiful and imaginative experience.

In this way, the comic shows us that we need not fear hospitals or accidents, and that what’s inside is more important than what is on the outside, both crucial messages for children.

As a chess champion who is also heavily involved in the worlds of literature and art, one of my favorite things about Yamie Chess is its graceful merging of creativity with rigorous analysis.

You learn about checkmating in both a technical way and you also admire the beauty of a queen sacrifice which topples the enemy king, Vigdor.

Yamie Chess combines this narrative device and chess motif via stunning drawings and depiction of the white chess queen, Belskina.

The same kind of synergy is also found in Yamie Chess’s math lessons—students will review multiplication tables and fractions in Yamie Chess.

They also learn how to use math creatively, to solve problems they may have never thought math could make so simple.

For instance, how chocolates can be split into squares on a chessboard and then equitably distributed, or how likely a random piece pulled from a full bag of chess pieces is to be a black pawn.

Yamie Chess will provide hours of fun for children.

As an educator and chess master for over 15 years, Yamie Chess also inspires me to think of how we can expand our use of chess as an educational tool.

Whether children will become passionate about writing, chess or math (or even a totally different field like sports or music), the experience of losing yourself entirely in another subject is so important to success.

The Yamie Chess comic shows children that with bravery, hard work and imagination, we can all achieve more than we thought possible.

I highly recommend Yamie Chess to educators and parents and am enthusiastic about the next chapter of this exciting new take on chess, learning and creativity.Bottom-quote

More about the Expert

book iconAn international chess icon, 2-time USA chess champion (2002, 2004), Jennifer Shahade is a Women’s Grandmaster, internationally respected chess coach and writer. In 2005, she published her first book, "Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport." A respected author, USA chess champion WGM Jennifer Shahade is the editor of the United States Chess Federation (USCF) -- uschess.org.


USA chess champion WGM Shahade's writing has also appeared in the New York Times, Games Magazine, New In Chess, and the L.A. Times.

In her coaching career, WGM Shahade has made a point of focusing her efforts on encouraging girls and young women to succeed in education. From 1998-2005, WGM Shahade worked with Chess-in-the-Schools, a New York City non-profit organization that provides chess instruction to the local community. From 2003-4, WGM Shahade taught a Girls’ Academy through Chess-in-the-Schools, and started her own Girls’ Academy in New York in 2007. WGM Shahade is the founder of 9Queens, a nonprofit organization dedicated to intellectual empowerment of children through chess.

WGM Shahade is a member of the board of directors of the World Chess Hall of Fame, a partnership of the Chess Club & Scholastic Center of Saint Louis in Missouri.

WGM Shahade has given inspirational talks and lessons all over the world, including at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the 2003 Los Angeles Girls Scout convention, at the 2007 Adventures of the Mind Conference in Atlanta for exceptional high school students and at an all girls’ school in Soweto, South Africa in 2007.

Follow WGM Shahade on twitter.com/jenshahade, and her USCF blog.

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