Yamie Chess has partnered with the United States Military and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to donate $30,000 of award-winning Yamie Chess sets to the United States Military Families. Our wish is to bring joy through learning and educational support to this important community. Pictured above: Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma City, Oklahoma—December 8, 2014—To support 1,200 of our U.S. troops' children and families for Christmas, Yamie Chess went to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma for Christmas 2014. This was done in partnership with the Toy Industry Foundation and Boys and Girls Clubs of America Military Services, as part of our $30,000 donation to the U.S. military. Distributing our math learning games to children on the base to support their education, it became clear that many Americans are not aware of the sacrifices our troops make for us. Take the example of 1 military family at Tinker, that we've been given permission to publish: Jae and her husband, Kerwin, who has been serving in the U.S. Air Force for 11 years. They have 2 children, ages 9 and 3. Jae and her family have lived at 3 different military bases over the last 11 years, having to move their children to a new place, a new school, and an entirely new community every few years. They've had to say goodbye to friends and make new ones each time. Jae spoke to our friend and partner, Marisa Medina, the Foundation Manager at the Toy Industry Foundation who represented us at Tinker AFB, about the hardship of U.S. military life on her children:

“It can be tough. Sometimes it feels like it’s just the four of us,” Jae told Marisa. “But today is an exciting event and it’s like our home away from home! We’re so grateful to everyone for giving. It really brings us together. There is a sense of fellowship today.” Jae added, “To be able to pick out a new toy… How many experiences like this will the kids have?!”.

The reality is that there are many untold stories like this, and Yamie Chess is helping to build the educational STEM potential of America's military youth, who live with the stress of having either one or both parents serving in the military often away from home. For Yamie Chess, being able to serve our military so directly, is a privilege and the work of true corporate citizenship. Please view more pictures from the military event at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma at the Toy Industry Foundation's Facebook gallery.
Pictured above: US Naval Station Mayport Jacksonville, Florida—October 27, 2014—Children of United States Navy families receive the Yamie Chess math learning aid for school. At Mayport, over 1,000 children of families of United States military servicemen and women, who live permanently on the base, took part in the pre-Christmas event. Yamie Chess is focused on building children's math educational skills for school. [Read report on Toy Industry Association's website] Pictured above: United States Army Fort Belvoir Fairfax County, Virginia—November 6, 2014—In partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Military Services and Toy Industry Foundation, Yamie Chess joined Lego and Mattel at a special U.S. military hosted event at Fort Belvoir for Military Family Appreciation Month, to support 1,700 children of U.S. military personnel and Wounded Warriors. [Read report on Toy Industry Association's website] Pictured above: US Air Force Base Langley, Virginia—September 18, 2014—Children of US military personnel at Langley AFB receiving donated Yamie Chess math sets, during an event held by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) Military Services, to build their math educational skills for school.

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"Boys and Girls Clubs of America has schools that military children attend, Yamie Chess would be a great “Back to School” item to have and a very fitting placement. Thanks again – this is a wonderful donation!"—Elizabeth Max, Program Manager, Toy Industry Foundation

Distributed by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to ALL branches of the US military bases/installations across the nation and AYPYN's—Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood—donated directly to the children of US military servicemen and women who are in the bases AND those attending middle schools in the community; thousands of America's kids will now have the free support of Yamie Chess, the School Library Journal recommended learning aid, to help build their math educational skills for America's future.

Yamie Chess children's simul

With over 1 million American children forced to live with the stress and hardship of being separated from their mom and dad, who are active US military service personnel fighting for America overseas—we're proud that Yamie Chess is part of the Play Comforts program—partnered with our military to build skills in US military families.

Math Teaching at Yamie Chess children's simul

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