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School Library JournalYamie Chess officially named by School Library Journal as a Best Education Pick of 2014; nationally recommended to parents, educators and schools: "Yamie Chess is a STEM education math-learning aid that uses chess to promote problem-solving for students in grades K – 8."—School Library Journal, February '14

Children coloring the Yamie Chess math comic

Approved by grade school teachers who teach kids every day of the week, and strongly recommended by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) math educators: Yamie Chess is a national award-winning, educational math learning toy, that supplements math education in K-8 grades, nurtures cognitive development and builds problem-solving skills for school. Made in America, it costs $29.95 from these retailers. Learning Toys At its heart, Yamie Chess includes an interactive teacher-written math comic for K-8 grades, where cartoon characters that represent the classic chess pieces guide children through math learning. It's written like a children's graphic novel. Partnering the comic, a tournament-size classic chess set designed for little hands, comes complete with nicely weighted, cartoon-labeled chessmen.

This traditional "hands-on" approach revolving around children's sense of touch, enables little learners to relate the strategy, algebra and geometry of the classic chess grid to Yamie Chess' imaginative adventure story line. It's also why Yamie Chess isn't a digital app, but a physical, real-world product that can be picked up and held, for child development. Yamie Chess stimulates mental interaction, and encourages the good sportsmanship that chess is known for.

Kids working out math together

Yamie Chess was created by experienced math teachers and professional engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology, Stanford, Columbia, Vanderbilt and the University of Arizona, in collaboration with several United States national chess masters. This includes U.S. classical chess champion Jennifer Shahade, an American Women's Grandmaster who is named by the Smithsonian Institution as the strongest American-born female chess player in U.S. history, and who holds a degree in comparative literature from New York University. 05-13 To engage children's imagination, fine motor skills and visuo-spatial learning sense, the math comic has been designed by ex-Disney and ex-Marvel/DC Comics artists, as a coloring book, with coloring pencils included. This gives Yamie Chess an artistic dimension while children read and benefit from the literacy components; to explore the Yamie Chess universe that Harvard University mathematics expert, Professor Christian Hesse, PhD, describes as combining "the best of many worlds: in particular, the fascination and usefulness of chess with the usefulness and beauty of mathematics. [Yamie Chess] manages to find a playful and friendly approach to enjoy both: how to learn chess and how to do math."

Mom's Choice Award Gold Recipient

Yamie Chess math program

Pictured above: Parents can get involved! A mom engages her daughter's imagination to build her math learning skills for school using the educational value of the classic chess grid, that Yamie Chess brings to life with cartoons. Yamie Chess benefits from being advised by highly-qualified math educators, and inherits all of the researched learning benefits of classic chess that have been proven in peer-reviewed, top U.S. studies.

Child learning and reading the Yamie Chess math comic

Pictured above: A child studies her Yamie Chess K-8 coloring math comic (colored pencils are included) which interactively partners the Yamie Chess classic board. Children benefit from teacher-written lessons in algebra, geometry, data analysis, numbers and operations, and measurement, aligned to national NCTM school standards. classic-chess-basis Note for parents: Yamie Chess is suitable for complete beginners to chess and children at all levels of math ability. Due to its classical merits, Yamie Chess works on a sliding scale depending on the parent or teachers needs. Professional math teachers are currently using the supplementary learning aid both in Title 1 and Academic Interventions programs, at the same time as in gifted/talented programs.

Middle school students learning math through Yamie Chess math game

As well as home play time, Yamie Chess is suitable for enrichment activities and indoor recess study in elementary and middle schools, that fit the requirements of experienced grade teachers like Mrs Jena Phillips, MEd, who looks for learning activities to "raise the bar for the children in her classroom." To that end, Yamie Chess has teamed up with the State of Arizona nonprofit, 9Queens, to support educational math progress for young girls in STEM education.
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From cognitive development and STEM intellectual skills for math learning, including critical and abstract thinking, problem-solving, visuo-spatial reasoning, imagination and memory function, to fine motor skills and social/emotional nurturing for childhood well-being; Yamie Chess offers parents and educators a comprehensive suite of child developmental benefits for both girls and boys in the K-8 educational bracket, backed up by the proven learning benefits of classic chess »
Pick any child development skill area above to explore the math learning aid or discover the five educational principles of Yamie Chess that support the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points in algebra, geometry, data analysis, number sense and operations, and measurement.


Yamie Chess Ltd works with six math Ph.D.s from top U.S. universities. Our educational toys are developed by experienced U.S. math teachers from America's top universities including: Caltech, Columbia, Stanford, Vanderbilt and MIT - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

harvard-university-math-phdAn internationally-respected, leading Harvard University mathematician, Professor Christian Hermann Hesse, Ph.D., who contributed hours in pre-publication support to Yamie Chess. harvard-university-math-phdEndorsed by former undisputed World Chess Champions GM Kramnik and GM Anand as an international chess authority, Professor Christian Hermann Hesse holds an MS and Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics from Harvard University, and an MA in Mathematics from Indiana University Bloomington. After teaching math at Harvard, Professor Hesse was on the Mathematics Faculty at the University of California-Berkeley, until 1991. Professor Hesse is a bestselling chess author. He fully supports and praises Yamie Chess as a math learning aid. Extract from Harvard endorsement: "Next to the chessic aspects, the mathematical topics are at the center of the book: Here the readers are exposed to sets and Venn diagrams, numbers and raising them to powers, fractions and triangles including the theorem of Pythagoras. In terms of special numbers, the Fibonacci sequence appears. Yamie Chess is a beautiful, inspiring and very valuable educational tool. Teaching chess and math in a playful manner, embedding both in a fantasy story, is a great approach. The outcome is a feel-good-book for children and their parents with great pedagogical value. I recommend it highly." -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from Harvard University math educator

harvard-university-math-phdMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Math Ph.D., Professor Michael Ching's expert analysis of the Yamie Chess math learning aid for STEM education professor-michael-chingOne of America's best mathematicians, Professor Michael Ching earned a Ph.D. in Math from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). An award-winning math educator, Professor Ching is the former J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor of Math at Johns Hopkins University, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Georgia, and he is currently Associate Professor of Math at Amherst College. Professor Ching has an academic background as a graduate honors mathematician and Kennedy Scholar from Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Extract from Massachusetts Institute of Technology endorsement: "I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Yamie Chess comic. It brings imagination and fantasy to the basic game of chess, making it easy to pick up this classic skill, while simultaneously reinforcing key mathematical ideas. I expect children of all ages will find it inspiring and interesting. I strongly recommend it." -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from MIT math educator

uchicago-university-math-phdUniversity of Chicago math Ph.D and senior Vanderbilt University math instructor Professor Ashley Ahlin's analysis of the Yamie Chess math learning aid bringing her experience as a nationally-respected math educator and stay-at-home mom. uchicago-professor-ashley-reiter-ahlinOne of the America's top mathematics lecturers, Professor Ashley Ahlin earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago and has been on the Mathematics Faculty at Vanderbilt University as a Senior Mathematics Lecturer since 2002. Professor Ahlin is a stay-at-home mom with her three kids, who were given special pre-publication access to playtest Yamie Chess as part of Professor Ahlin's independent, expert review. Extract from University of Chicago endorsement: "My own children (ages 7 and 9) were very interested in the book; they reported that both the story and the chess game were very exciting. While reading through the book, chess became one of their favorite activities, as they traced the game played out in the book, as well as playing their own games with tactics they read about. They also enjoyed solving the math problems as they worked through the text. Yamie Chess is the best product I’ve seen for children to learn chess via an engaging fantasy storyline." -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from University of Chicago math educator

harvard-university-math-phdWarner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter chess consultant, U.S. International Master Jeremy Silman who created Wizard's Chess in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001), analyzes the Yamie Chess math learning aid for parents and educators. international-master-jeremy-silmanAn internationally-respected chess expert, bestselling author and leading chess educator, International Master Jeremy Silman served as Warner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter chess consultant. IM Jeremy Silman, who helped create the famous chess scene with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Harry Potter motion picture, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2001), is one of the few U.S. chess players to have accomplished the intellectual feat of winning all three of titles of the American Open, the National Open, and the U.S. Open. As a preeminent U.S. chess authority, IM Silman has also served as a consultant on numerous box-office and HBO productions in addition to Harry Potter, and he has contributed important pre-publication support to Yamie Chess. Extract from IM Jeremy Silman's endorsement: "I highly recommend Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore & The Mind Angels. A beautifully drawn, deeply conceived, emotionally compelling fantasy adventure....your newfound knowledge of chess will seamlessly blend into math lessons, physics, and moral imperatives. When a child learns how to play chess, adds a lot to his or her science education, and has a wonderful time walking through a rich fantasy world, you can’t go wrong!" -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from International Master Jeremy Silman

harvard-university-math-phdCalifornia Institute of Technology (Caltech) engineer and graduate math teacher Gerardo Morabito's post-collaborative analysis of the Yamie Chess math learning aid caltech-engineer-gerardo-morabitoGerardo Morabito is a U.S. mechanical engineer and graduate of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), which is consistently ranked as one of America's Top 10 universities for math and science, and which is home to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). At Caltech, Mr Morabito founded the Caltech chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and served as ASME-Caltech Chapter president. Extract from California Institute of Technology endorsement: "Yamie Chess will undoubtedly help to inspire the next generation of much needed scientists and engineers in America. Yamie Chess’ vibrant storyline that is seamlessly tied into a chess game brilliantly delivers a learning experience unlike any other product in the market. I strongly recommend it." -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from Caltech engineer Gerardo Morabito

Arizona science teacherNorthern Arizona University-trained math and science teacher, Mrs Jena Phillips who has 15 years school teaching experience, provides her specialist educational analysis of the Yamie Chess math learning aid. arizona-educator-jena-phillipsMrs. Jena Phillips, a highly-qualified Arizona 7th and 8th Grade Middle school science teacher, who has been teaching kids everyday for over 15 years, earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Elementary Education and a Master's degree (MEd) in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University (NAU). Mrs Phillips has worked at all levels of the U.S. elementary school system, from Title 1, ELL and SLD to academic interventions and gifted students. Mrs Phillips' successful blog, 'Caught in the Middle: A blog about life teaching in the mostly overlooked middle grades', was named as a Top 25 Middle School Teacher Blog, by U.S. education graduate resource, Teacher Certification Degrees. Extract from Northern Arizona University teacher's endorsement: "As a teacher, I always am looking for activities, lessons, and products that will raise the bar for the children in my classroom. With The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels, this product addresses both different levels in the classroom and teaches critical thinking to all. I highly recommend it!" -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from Arizona 8th Grade Science Teacher

LA Tech math professorProfessor Bernd S. W. Schröder, the Edmondson/Crump Professor of Mathematics and Program Chair of the math department at Louisiana Tech University, provides an impartial analysis of Yamie Chess. professor-bernd-schroderFor over ten years, Professor Bernd S. W. Schröder has been the Edmondson/Crump Professor of Mathematics, Academic Director and Program Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Louisiana Tech University. Professor Schröder holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Kansas State University. At Louisiana Tech University, College of Engineering and Science, Professor Schröder has won both the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching, Research and Service and the T.L. James Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching. Extract from Louisiana Tech University professor's endorsement: "...Using a “mathematics is fun” approach, a multitude of non-chess puzzles is weaved into the Yamie Chess exposition, too... The book is probably best read with someone. When reading it with a parent, a teacher, a class, or a friend, it can serve as a conversation starter for many discussions about chess, about numbers, about mathematics, or about the story itself. As such, Yamie Chess is very nice open-ended educational reading..." -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from Professor Bernd S. W. Schröder, PhD

Miami University math teacherState of Illinois 7th grade math teacher, Ms Elizabeth Gates, a qualified Middle Childhood Education specialist provides an in-depth analysis of the Yamie Chess math learning aid. illinois-middle-school-math-teacherMs. Elizabeth Gates, a full-time teacher and graduate of Miami University in Oxford, OH, is a Middle Childhood Education specialist with over 7 years school teaching experience. An accomplished Middle School math teacher in Illinois, Ms Gates also has direct experience working with children with learning difficulties and spent a year working as the Individual Assistant for a 6th grade Autistic student. Ms Gates' award-winning blog, 'Fast Times of a Middle School math teacher', was named as a Top 25 Middle School Teacher Blog, by U.S. education graduate resource, Teacher Certification Degrees. Extract from Miami University teacher's endorsement: "As a middle school math teacher I see the value of Yamie Chess in an educational setting. This is a wonderful enrichment activity that can be used to spark more students’ interest in learning the game of chess while increasing mathematical thinking... Students who have played Yamie Chess prior to middle school math may have greater engagement in the math class since they will be able to relate many math concepts to the Yamie Chess story." -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from Middle School Child specialist

International Master Tom BartellAmerican International Master of chess and 4-time New Jersey chess champion, IM Tom Bartell, provides an educational analysis of Yamie Chess for parents international-master-thomas-j-bartellAmerican International Master of chess, IM Tom Bartell, is a four times New Jersey chess champion, 1-time Pennsylvania chess champion, winner of several National Titles, including Denker Tournament of HS Champions and National HS Champion. International Master Bartell is nationally ranked by FIDE as one of the Top 100 chess players active in the United States today.Chess.com logo International Master Bartell has over 10+ years experience coaching chess at all levels, and teaches chess on the popular U.S. chess communities, chess.com and the Internet Chess Club (ICC). Extract from IM Tom Bartell endorsement: "My 5 year old saw this, and immediately became curious. The puzzles are integrated perfectly into the story without bogging it down. I also found the story itself to be entertaining and educational. The focus tends to be more so the math than the chess in terms of educating. The chess puzzles do however challenge the reader, and help develop chess skills like pattern recognition. Great math as always." -- [ Read full endorsement ] > Read full endorsement from International Master Tom Bartell Yamie Chess Learning Toys For Math Education

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Product description for parents

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Choking-hazard-yamie-chess-ltdThe Yamie Chess School Assistant series is the K-8 scholastic classic chess explorer for educational mathematics, logic and science learning.


Like classic chess, Yamie Chess has a mathematical basis and the scholastic product works, for even the most math-phobic child, by unlocking the educational mathematics, logical thinking and cognitive intellectual benefits of classic chess, through an engaging cartoon chess universe, that is delivered as part of a 'hands on' interactive boardgame experience with educational comic activity book (coloring pencils are included in the set) Yamie Chess math program Pick a side below to learn more about the Yamie Chess characters!
pr-12 pr-13
Learn about Yamie Chess Ltd.'s U.S.-qualified STEM advisory team | Read Bios | To produce our exciting children's products, Yamie Chess Ltd. works with graduate math educators, engineers, chess masters and tech professionals including six math PhDs. As a K-8 mathematical school assistant and home learning aid to supplement math learning in the classroom, Yamie Chess focuses on making the proven math benefits of traditional chess accessible to young children, imparting an algebraic and geometric understanding of classic chess, and in the process Yamie Chess engineers a mathematical thinking skillset for children to learn how to approach math problem-solving with a more scientific framework.


The scholastic math product teaches children to coherently weigh up evidence, develop their visuo-spatial reasoning, explore and tangibly understand the mathematical algebra and geometric framework underlying classic chess, by making the subject matter accessible for young children through the power of cartoons.


Yamie Chess features a scholastic USA tournament-size analysis chess set made for little hands, together with a rigorously structured educational comic activity book that interactively features The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels, a cartoon chess universe developed around the opening, middle game and end game of classic chess, where all the characters substitute for the chessmen on the classic chess board.

Yamie Chess math program

Unlocking math learning through classic chess and the power of cartoons


Complete beginners can learn and explore classical chess from scratch with the loveable Yamie Chess characters, while children at intermediate / advanced chess level, and those with more educational aptitude, will also absorb the visuo-spatial reasoning and cognitive learning benefits that the Yamie Chess School Assistant educationally imparts through making the math and scientific benefits of classic chess strategy more accessible to young minds.

Yamie Chess math program

An intuitive mathematical chess explorer for cognitive thinking As a highly-structured cartoon classic chess school assistant that focuses on children's cognitive development, Yamie Chess develops math-friendly chess knowledge, much the same way that preschoolers reach child developmental milestones in cognitive mental processing, and toddlers first learn the syntax of their mother-tongue languages.


Through encouraging children to associate, map and interweave complex and abstract classic chess concepts with objects and graphic patterns, Yamie Chess helps children to intuitively organize mathematical ideas, teaching children to think laterally about the algebraic and math geometry principles underlying classic chess; asking children to consider not just how a chess process worked, but why this worked; developing logical reasoning that is so important to future math studies in school.


Yamie Chess encourages children to build a mathematically anchored knowledge of classic chess through inspiring and loveable characters; appealing to children to weigh-up evidence logically, improve their memory function and learn to multi-task and plan ahead to form judgments within a scientific framework.


As children embrace classic chess with Yamie Chess, they will learn to approach both math and science problems with a more universal and organized mental strategy, developing their logical decision-making skills, and powerfully impacting upon visuo-spatial reasoning for chess mathematics, all facilitated through the secular imagery of friendly cartoon character properties, and with continuous gentle hand-holding support. USA tournament chess set designed for little hands K-8 math learning for success in school Yamie Chess School Assistant focuses on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points to raise scholastic standards in math, logic and science. The educational chess teacher includes a USA standard tournament 20" x 20" chess board with 2.25" squares and scholastic educational comic activity book that provides active participation to learn classic chess through an engaging cartoon chess universe.


The classic chess game that unfolds through the educational comic is a 19th Century European Grandmaster level game, GM Johannes Zukertort vs GM Adolf Anderssen (Ruy Lopez/Spanish Variation with Cozio Defense, Berlin 1865) Child reading Yamie Chess math program The Yamie Chess game-board features standard algebraic chess notation for the appropriate co-ordinate geometry and math analysis that is taught through the cartoon classic chess layouts in the K-8 educational comic. The Yamie Chess pieces are classic, and adapted with cartoon base labels to help children spatially map and relate the loveable cartoon characters to the chessmen.


The educational Yamie Chess K-8 math comic activity book for coloring provides a fun way for all children to learn and understand the mechanics of a traditional chess game, as children follow Kimi, the eight-year-old American boy chess genius from New York as he considers different chess strategies (with algebraic notation) to help the light pieces (Tigermore and the Mind Angels) defeat the dark pieces (Vigdor and the Chromemunchers) on the mind-planet of Snowmelt in The Mind Kingdom™, a magical place that can only be reached by going to sleep under anesthetic in a hospital operation.

The Yamie Chess educational comic explores ideas of sleep, philosophy of mind and consciousness which are part of all children's reality.

The "hands-on" interactive cognitive learning experience


Firstly, Yamie Chess provides a mathematical and logical learning experience for young minds; the educational comic allows children to interactively develop a firm grasp of how to play classic chess through introducing the chess pieces as fun character personalities in a constructive cartoon world. The educational comic is divided into three sections for the Opening, Middle Game and End Game of chess. Through their own play, children visually learn how the pieces move, algebraic chess notation and math geometric chess strategy.

Child concentrating on learning math skills

The scholastic methodology is visuo-spatial, by associating concepts and patterns with the cartoon characters, children will build a stable foundation of math-friendly chess knowledge based around the classic chess pieces and geometic chess layouts woven through the educational comic, which can be applied later to understanding any classic chess game.

Secondly, the educational comic provides an interactive and hand-holding guide for children to play a real grandmaster game on the included USA tournament size chess set, as children read the magic chess story and color the world-class cartoon illustrations.

Preparing for a lifetime of math education and practical learning skills for educational achievement

Thirdly, with their newly-found or enhanced understanding of classic chess strategy through enjoying the cartoon Yamie Chess characters, children can then employ their own strategy and play with friends and classmates on their regulation tournament style chess set, with the cartoon characters at the bottom of each chess piece ensuring that the intellectual relationship between children's knowledge of the characters, the chess pieces and basic chess strategy is not lost, but consolidated through their own play. What's next? Read about the animated Part 2 in the Yamie Chess series for K-8 math education - [a STEM cartoons DVD]

the-mind-kingdom The Mind Kingdom™ Backstory: A magical exploration of the French mathematician René Descartes's Mind/Body Dualism, Yamie Chess takes children to The Mind Kingdom™, a sci-fi universe of mind, ruled by chess, that can only be reached by falling asleep under general anesthetic in a hospital operation! - Hear The Mind Kingdom™ Lullaby recorded to Wagner's Parsifal opera, to convey the Yamie Chess kids' fantasy.

King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields won the 2013 Canada International Film Festival's Royal Reel Award in Animation. Learn more about Yamie Chess' award-winning animation studio.

Suitable for after-school groups, home playtime and chess clubs

Educational toys from Yamie Chess

Exceeding all U.S. toy industry safety standards, Yamie Chess includes USA regulation sturdy plastic chessmen featuring base cartoon labels for corresponding characters, and the entire chess set has been made to withstand the toughest use, resist tears and accidental spills, and meet professional game-board requirements.

Designed for home playtime, school libraries, chess clubs and youth programs, the quad-folding board, K-8 math comic and pencils, pack neatly away into a 10.5" x 10.5" box with durable bag for the 32 chess pieces, that is small enough to fit on smaller school desks and easy for storage and transport.


Are you a parent, K-8 teacher, principal or school librarian thinking about Yamie Chess School Assistant for the students at your school or educational group? Yamie Chess is based on mathematics and has credible intellectual and social benefits for children's education.

With Yamie Chess School Club, we'll help you integrate Yamie Chess as a scholastic learning tool to supplement math, logic and science learning in your school, and we've designed a whole program to offer public and private schools, chess clubs, summer camps and accredited educational institutions across America direct volume pricing discounts.

School Club offers direct volume discount program that supports K-8 schools, libraries, youth organizations, summer camps and accredited educational institutions serving the needs of 5 or more young children.

Organize chess events, invite local chess teachers along and start your own Yamie Chess School Tournament!

Please visit the Yamie Chess School Club area to register your interest and receive more information from the company by email.

Proudly manufactured in America Yamie Chess Ltd is 110% committed to American manufacturing. Yamie Chess sets are made in Battle Creek, Michigan in partnership with EPI Printers, Inc., an award-winning fifty-year old, ISO 9001:2008 certified and American owned printer established in 1959, that has won the Sappi North American Printers of the Year three times: 2013, 2008 and 2002.

With offices across Michigan and Indiana, EPI Printers, Inc. is a preferred vendor of the University of Michigan.

EPI Printers, Inc. is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain-of-Custody certified, which is the gold standard in responsible forest management and means that EPI is able to track all wood fibers used in Yamie Chess sets back to the American forest of origin. As an ecologically-friendly green product, Yamie Chess benefits from 100% U.S. craftsmanship, 100% U.S. product engineering, 100% U.S. labor, and 98% of its parts being sourced from within the United States.

Pricing information / How to order RRP $29.95 | You can order Yamie Chess direct from us and from these retailers.

Product specifications Interactive Yamie Chess K-8 math coloring book developed by math experts
(incl. high-quality colored pencils)
  • Over 250+ high-quality educational pages, packed full with scholastic learning activities for K-8 math, logic and science education
  • World-class coloring artwork: over 250+ beautiful illustrations that imaginatively depict the abstract Yamie Chess story for children's understanding and provide many happy hours of coloring fun as children read, learn and explore math
  • 8" x 10" large-size book dimensions with lay-flat perfect binding, designed so pages spread open evenly on tables for children's ease of pencil coloring, reading and learning
  • For children to express their innate artistic creativity as they read the adventure and explore the integrated mathematics, a colorful rainbow palette of 12 pre-sharpened, non-toxic and washable 7" colored pencils are included with the Yamie Chess set
  • The colored pencils are long-lasting, made from real wood and designed with a strong core to prevent breakage, so colors can blend together easily to create brilliant hues and deep shadows, perfect for the budding or developing artist
  • american-heart
  • Made in America, Yamie Chess sets are green and ecologically friendly, made from high-quality 50 lb offset paper, chipboard and packaging materials sourced in the United States and produced in Battle Creek, Michigan at EPI Printers Inc. Established in 1959, EPI Printers Inc is an ISO-9001 certified American manufacturing supply chain that utilizes 40% recycled materials, vegetable-based inks and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain-of-Custody certified American forestry materials and production practices (EPI Marketing Service's FSC License Code: FSC-C022187) The Chain-of-Custody is an accounting system that tracks the wood fibers used in Yamie Chess's paper production, through the factory and back to the mill and American forest from where they were sourced.
  • Yamie Chess Ltd and our American manufacturing partners at EPI Printers Inc in Battle Creek, MI (who are a preferred vendor of the University of Michigan) respect the environment; our Made-In-America Yamie Chess sets are designed with cutting edge technology to the highest industry standards of U.S. product engineering, which strategically reduces fossil fuel consumption, and minimizes any impact on America's natural forest resources
Classic Yamie Chess pieces
  • Tournament-size complete set of 32 durable and sturdy classic chess pieces, sculptured with ridges for children's easy touch and smaller hands, and tested to withstand heavy forces
  • Corresponding Yamie Chess cartoon base labels for each chess piece, designed for children's visuo-spatial reasoning to help connect the intellectual relationship between the story's characters, game play and classic chessmen
  • 3.5" king piece with large base, the entire set's design acts as an anti-choking protector; even the smaller pieces cannot easily fit past the teeth into a child's mouth which reduces risk of choking accidents, part of Yamie Chess Ltd's uncompromising commitment to children's safety
  • Traditional big and 'weighted' heavy feel to classic chess pieces to assist fine motor skills, 'hands on' co-ordination and the visuo-spatial child development that is core to Yamie Chess's educational strategy
Classic tournament-size Yamie Chess analysis game-board
  • Classic chessboard measures 20" by 20" with U.S. regulation 2.25" squares
  • Clear and legible algebraic notation on all sides of the classic chessboard, rotated to each player's perspective, and designed for interactive learning activities with the Yamie Chess K-8 mathematics comic for coloring
  • Full-color Yamie Chess cartoon border artwork integrated on face-label of chessboard, with unique 20" x 20" full-color cartoon on back of board

Child safety information Yamie Chess meets all U.S. and International child safety requirements; safety is one of the fundamental principles of Yamie Chess Ltd.

Visit Yamie Chess Ltd's dedicated safety area for more information.

What's included in the box?
  • Interactive Yamie Chess K-8 educational math coloring book (partners with chess set); focused for children's STEM learning, visuo-spatial and cognitive development
  • Classic tournament-size Yamie Chess analysis game-board with traditional algebraic notation for both players
  • Yamie Chess classic pieces adapted with cartoon base labels for each corresponding character to focus visuo-spatial reasoning during play
  • Set of 12 safe, quality colored pencils
  • 2 heavy-duty plastic holders to protect and store white and black Yamie Chess pieces (Please keep away from children under 3 years)

Additional information
  • Manufacturer's Recommended Age: 5 years and up
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Multiple Shapes: Yes
  • Total Number of Pieces: 48 total
  • SKU / Internal Parts Number: YC-1
  • GTIN-12 (U.P.C.): 857712004006
  • GTIN-14: 00857712004006
  • U.P.C. Company Prefix: 857712004
  • Yamie Chess Ltd's Legal Entity GLN (GS1 USA): 0857712004006
  • Gross Product Weight [Shipping Weight]: 3.95 lbs.
  • Net Product Weight: 3.35 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions (in inches): 10.5" (Length) x 10.5" (Width) x 2.5" (Depth)
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