(Pictured above: 7th Grade Illinois Math Teacher, Ms. Elizabeth Gates, B.A. at NSSEA Ed Expo 2014 in Dallas, Texas with Yamie Chess)

This is an in-depth, highly-qualified Illinois Middle school math teacher's expert analysis of the first Yamie Chess K-8 math learning aid for elementary and middle school students. It forms part of an educational series that Yamie Chess Ltd conducted with nationally-respected academics for parents and educators across America.

The researched article serves as the second professional STEM analysis of Yamie Chess by a qualified U.S. grade school teacher who works with children every day of the week—the first was administered by experienced Arizona science teacher of 15 years, Mrs Jena Phillips, B.S., MEd.

This page includes copyrighted material by Ms. Elizabeth Gates, B.A., and has been split into sections below for your ease of reference.

Middle Childhood SpecialistThe perspective of an Illinois 7th grade math teacher: Ms Elizabeth Gates, B.A., Middle Childhood Education, Miami University.
Ms. Elizabeth Gates, a highly-qualified Illinois 7th grade Middle school math teacher, who earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Middle Childhood Education with endorsements in Math, Social Studies and Reading, from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio gives her impartial, professional view of Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore and the Mind Angels®.
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A dedicated and experienced State of Illinois Middle school math teacher, Ms Elizabeth Gates, B.A., who is a Middle Childhood Education specialist currently working in the Evanston/Skokie CC School District 65 in Chicago, Illinois, examines Yamie Chess' STEM educational value from her qualified math teacher's perspective.

With over 7 years of math teaching experience, Ms Gates' highly-qualified conclusion is that Yamie Chess is an enriching educational math tool for students, with advantageous and core STEM benefits to supplement elementary and middle school children's math education. Designed by MIT, Caltech and Stanford educators and advised by a 2-time United States chess champion, Women's Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade, Yamie Chess seeks to credibly supplement K-8 math learning in the classroom.

Ms Elizabeth Gates' B.A. analysis of Yamie Chess®


Top-quoteAn Illinois Math Teacher's Review of Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore & the Mind Angels

By Ms Elizabeth Gates, Bachelors of Arts (B.A.), Middle Childhood Education with Endorsement in Math, Miami University.

Date: December 17, 2013

Copyright © 2013 Ms Elizabeth Gates, B.A. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to reprint this educational article on Yamie Chess Ltd's website was directly obtained from Ms Elizabeth Gates in writing.

Yamie Chess is a unique chess game that not only teaches students the basics of chess but also enriches the player with various math and science concepts.

Classic chess is known to improve players’ critical thinking skills no matter the age.

Students benefit from playing chess by learning to strategize using forward thinking and practicing perseverance throughout the game.

Because these skills tend to be major weaknesses for students when presented challenging math problems, Yamie Chess is a wonderful activity to help children become stronger problem solvers.

While reading the interactive comic players come across algebra, geometry, number sense, measurement and data analysis concepts.

Illinois middle school math teacherThe problems range in difficulty allowing students to be re-taught math skills or enriched.

The game also relates the chessboard to a coordinate grid allowing students to think about their movements mathematically with each square being a coordinate location.

Students who have played Yamie Chess prior to middle school math may have greater engagement in the math class since they will be able to relate many math concepts to the Yamie Chess story.

The comic first teaches players about the different chess pieces and the strategy of the game.

Players then learn the story of a young boy named Kimi who comes across math problems in the real world and the Mind Kingdom.

While in the Mind Kingdom, Kimi explores many different lands and is introduced to the different characters that represent the chess pieces. The characters teach Kimi several math concepts including exponents, square roots and the Pythagorean theorem.

I especially enjoyed when Pythagoras was introduced as Tigermore’s “first mate” while on a ship and taught Kimi about the area of a triangle, the volume of a triangular prism, and the Pythagorean theorem while on the high seas.

Tigermore uses the Pythagorean Theorem while plotting the ship’s route to Capablanca which is often how the Pythagorean theorem is assessed in real world application problems.

The fantasylands and storylines are very engaging and will capture the minds of students and increase their mathematical thinking.

As a middle school math teacher I see the value of Yamie Chess in an educational setting.

This is a wonderful enrichment activity that can be used to spark more students’ interest in learning the game of chess while increasing mathematical thinking.

The comic can also increase skills of players who already know how to play the game.

I encourage parents to read the comic with their children to help their own understanding of the game.

Yamie Chess is a friendly and engaging comic to increase mathematical thinking while learning the challenging game of chess.Bottom-quote

More about the Expert

(Pictured in Dallas: Middle Childhood Education specialist, Ms. Elizabeth Gates, B.A. with the Yamie Chess management team at Ed Expo in Texas)

book iconMs. Elizabeth Gates is an experienced Illinois 7th grade math teacher and Middle Childhood Education specialist, who earned a B.A. in Middle Childhood Education with endorsements in Math, Social Studies and Reading, from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Ms Gates works on the front line as a dedicated Middle school math teacher in Chicago, and has been teaching students math every day for over 7 years.

Ms Gates has a special interest in professional development and began her specialist teaching career as an Individual Assistant, spending 11 months looking after the educational needs of a 6th grade Autistic student. Ms Gates runs a successful and exciting teaching blog called Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher, which provides a real life glimpse into the professional life of a Chicago math teacher.

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