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An internationally respected, award-winning Harvard University mathematics expert, Professor Christian Hermann Hesse, PhD, the Harvard University math educator and graduate math lecturer who is renowned as a bestselling chess author and who has been officially endorsed as a classical chess expert by two former undisputed World Chess Champions, Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik and Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, has publicly come out in powerful support of Yamie Chess, comprehensively validating the learning aid as a great product for K-8 math education. Providing incontrovertible proof in writing of Yamie Chess' credible math learning benefits for children's math education, Professor Hesse's compelling recommendation (published below) as a Harvard math PhD, forms part of a series of unbiased, fair and balanced educational examinations by STEM field experts that Yamie Chess Ltd conducted with nationally-respected math educators and top chess players. The purpose was to serve as an objective resource for U.S. parents and educators across America, who are looking for ways to supplement their son or daughter's math education. This page includes copyrighted material by Harvard University Professor Christian Hesse, PhD and has been split into sections below for your ease of reference. harvard-university-math-professor

Professor Christian Hermann Hesse, M.S., PhD, Mathematical Statistics, Harvard University

Harvard University's Professor Christian Hesse, PhD is a world leading expert on math education, who has been published in dozens of prestigious, refereed international and U.S. math journals, and who taught on the mathematics faculty at the University of California--Berkeley until 1991. Professor Hesse offered his independent critical analysis and expert input to Yamie Chess during the pre-publication phase of our math learning product, while Yamie Chess was still being developed by our graduate U.S. math educators and principal educator: 2-time United States chess champion and Women's Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade, named by The Smithsonian Institution as the strongest American-born woman chess player of all time, and the Editor of the United States Chess Federation (uschess.org) and Chess Life Online.

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Calling upon America's best mathematical brains, Yamie Chess benefits from receiving the pre-publication support and strong recommendations of world-class Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology mathematics PhDs; MIT, Stanford and Caltech professional U.S. engineers; graduate math educators from Vanderbilt and University of Arizona, and U.S. chess champions alike, making Yamie Chess a credible and reliable investment for your son or daughter's math education.

Professor Christian Hermann Hesse earned two graduate math degrees at Harvard University, an M.S. and PhD in Mathematical Statistics, and in addition to his Harvard education, Prof. Hesse holds an MA in Mathematics from Indiana University Bloomington.

christian-hesse-harvard-mathematics-yamie-chessOfficially appointed alongside former World Chess Champion, Grandmaster Boris Spassky, Professor Hesse served as joint International Ambassador of the Chess Olympiad 2008, where he gave the opening lecture, "Chess and Mathematics".

Described by Caltech engineer Gerardo Morabito as one of the best math learning products currently on the market, in the first Yamie Chess School Assistant, our graduate math educators and MIT, Stanford and Caltech engineers have diligently integrated math puzzles together with an original science-fiction fantasy and STEM learning framework, hinged on a classic chess basis.

After exhaustive analysis and playtesting with kids, the company found that Harvard University Professor Hesse's conclusive validation of Yamie Chess supported the strong written recommendations by two American International Masters, the preeminent IM Jeremy Silman and 4-time New Jersey and Pennsylvania Chess Champion, IM Thomas J. Bartell, who both independently described Yamie Chess as being a "seamless blend" or flow of math ideas for K-8 STEM education, woven through the learning aid's original science-fiction fantasy mind-scape.

Unassailable proof of Yamie Chess' deep value for K-8 math education, Professor Hesse's advocacy of Yamie Chess adds further weight to the Yamie Chess math learning aid's unequivocal endorsement from Massachusetts Institute of Technology mathematics PhD and former Johns Hopkins University Mathematics Faculty expert, Professor Michael Ching, PhD (MIT), an award-winning Kennedy Scholar and graduate honors mathematician from Trinity College, Cambridge University. MIT's Professor Ching, PhD meticulously analyzed, validated and strongly recommended the Yamie Chess educational math learning aid's capabilities, in a separate educational assessment—as a nationally respected MIT PhD and math expert who has conducted research for the United States Government's National Science Foundation.

Harvard Professor Hesse's endorsement of Yamie Chess


Top-quoteHarvard Prof. Christian Hesse, PhD's Review of Yamie Chess: The Adventures of Tigermore & the Mind Angels

By Prof. Christian Hermann Hesse, M.A., M.S., PhD, Mathematics, Harvard University and Indiana University Bloomington.

Date: November 30, 2013

Copyright © 2013 Professor Christian Hesse, PhD All Rights Reserved.

Permission to reprint this educational praise on Yamie Chess Ltd's website was directly obtained from Professor Christian Hesse, PhD, in writing.

I have now completed a detailed reading and evaluation of "The Adventures of Tigermore & The Mind Angels". It has been a pleasure and it is a great product. It took close to 20 hours of my time....Yamie Chess is a fine product. It's a pleasure to be a part of Yamie Chess, even if only as a reviewer.

Yamie Chess Ltd has produced a book on chess and mathematics for children.

The book combines the best of many worlds: in particular, the fascination and usefulness of chess with the usefulness and beauty of mathematics.

It manages to find a playful and friendly approach to enjoy both: how to learn chess and how to do math.

This is achieved by embedding the learning process into a fantasy story, that children will find heartwarming and take pleasure in reading.

A commendable idea of the team of creators of the project is to personify the rather abstract chess pieces: A mythical character impersonates each of them. Children will find it easier and less challenging to digest the way the pieces move when they associate them with Little Bu, the light pawn, Belskina, the Queen of Lights, Aurora, the light bishop, Siberia, the light horsey to name only a few.

harvard-math-expert-phd-extract-review-yamie-chessApart from being entertaining for the envisioned age groups, the fantasy story touches on an impressive range of topics from various disciplines. Included are some medical expressions from cardiac arrest and what to do about it to x-rays and what they are good for.

In terms of physics, children hear about photons, velocity and the principle of conversation of energy. From biology the term double helix is mentioned. In this respect, children`s vocabulary is enriched and their verbal skills are extended.

Next to the chessic aspects, the mathematical topics are at the center of the book: Here the readers are exposed to sets and Venn diagrams, numbers and raising them to powers, fractions and triangles including the theorem of Pythagoras. In terms of special numbers, the Fibonacci sequence appears.

And even probability and randomness are addressed at an elementary level. All this is done in a friendly and attractive way.

In addition, both the chessic and the mathematical themes are enriched with multiple-choice problems.

Without exception, they are well chosen and all of them are appropriate for the specific grades.

A great deal of the charm of the book stems from the drawings. They are first class and some of them are even exceptionally beautiful, such as the first and last drawings and others in between.

Quite astonishing also are the two maps at the beginning which depict Snowmelt, the mind planet. The maps encompass many suggestive locations such as Euwe Cape, 4 Knights Bay, Lake Karpov, The Coast of Gödelian Love, Gauss Bay as well as Descartes` Mathematical Ocean.

In addition to all of this, there is a chess game which unfolds move by move throughout the book.

It is a 12-move miniature game. This game is supremely suitable to expose children to the beautiful aspects of sacrificial mating attacks in chess.

In summary: A great deal of creativity has been put into this project. It is a beautiful, inspiring and very valuable educational tool. Teaching chess and math in a playful manner, embedding both in a fantasy story, is a great approach. The outcome is a feel-good-book for children and their parents with great pedagogical value.

I recommend it highly.Bottom-quote

© Professor Christian Hesse PhD (Harvard University)

More about the Expert


book iconHarvard University mathematics PhD, Professor Christian Hesse writes regularly for ChessBase, and considers classical chess games like Yamie Chess to be "mind-sport". After teaching at Harvard University, Professor Hesse was a Mathematics research fellow at The George-Washington-University, Washington (USA). Professor Hesse won the Alan Abrams Memorial Prize at Stanford University and the Dr. David Gale and Sylvia S. Gale Award from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition, Professor Hesse is a Fulbright Scholar.

harvard-professor-math-phd-yamie-chessFormer World Chess Champion Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand wrote the foreword to Professor Hesse's bestselling educational chess book, The Joys of Chess: Heroes, Battles and Brilliancies, (New in Chess., 2011), which was shortlisted for the English Chess Federation's Book of the Year 2011 Award, in which GM Anand stated that Prof. Hesse's work: "seeks to reflect the richness and variety of chess as a game. It contains topics as diversified as a theory of chess beauty, the geometry of the chessboard, heroes of defense and gamesmanship. The book bridges the gap between the world of chess and the rest of the world and makes numerous connections to mathematics and physics.... and all this embedded into a plenitude of quick-witted ideas and contemplations as food for thought."


Professor Hesse has received funding from the U.S. Government's National Science Foundation, and has been invited to give math talks across the United States including at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Berkeley, Purdue, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and University of Philadelphia, Wharton Faculty of Economics.

book iconProfessor Christian Hesse PhD was elected as a Fellow to the International Statistical Institute (ISI) in 1995.

Learn more about Harvard University math PhD, Professor Christian Hesse’s bestselling chess book in this recent Huffington Post article written by three-time United States Chess Champion and former FIDE World Top 10 player, Grandmaster Lubomir Kavalek.

Professor Christian Hesse is married with two children.

book icon Visit the author's professional profile at the Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Stuttgart in Germany where Professor Christian Hesse currently works as a Professor of Mathematics. Suggested Reading and Related Articles
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